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Our Leather

Why elk leather?

Our Elk hide has superior wear characteristics compared to other liners.

ChukStar workshop; staged leather rolls and unfinished ChukBand units

Why not pigskin, deer, goat & cow leather?

Unlike those other types, elk leather:

  • Won't harden with use
  • Won't easily form odors
  • Is more supple for pillowed all-day comfort
  • Is easier to wipe clean
  • Wicks away sweat without becoming soaked
  • Provides grip, reducing unwanted headgear movement & slip
  • Under 100X magnification, the difference is clear!
Leather comparison close up image

    Leather Colors

    We have an exciting variety of colors that are carefully selected to provide you with the options to truly personalize your hard hat wear experience.

    We work with several suppliers to keep new stock available, but most leather color lots are limited, so we rotate frequently! If you see a color you like, grab it before it’s too late! Better yet, grab two!

    ChukBand colors


    Leather Features

    Elk leather hides are a natural product, therefore certain variations will be present in each unit, making your ChukBand a truly one of a kind product.

    You may notice subtle scarring, scratches, changes in thickness, slight color inconsistencies, or other minor features that are considered normal and will not affect the performance of your unit.

    Leather Sourcing

    Our elk hide is procured from specialty vendors and brokers in the United States.

    Sourced hides originate from farmed and wild sources throughout North America, including the United States & Canada.

    We are proud members of the North American Elk Breeder's Association, and support the sustainable growth of the elk industry.

    North American Elk Breeder's Association Logo and Lockup


    *Chromium Salt tanned leather may not be suitable for use by those with allergies to chrome.